SKUUPU — Artisan, handcrafted veggie chips

We are passionate about making the most beautiful, tasty, healthy veggie chips, with the purest ingredients possible.

We don’t have a secret recipe. We just get seasonal, regional and organic vegetables. Add the finest olive oil, a little salt. Slow cook to get that special crispiness and then we let our veggie chips fall where they may.

We believe that the magic is in the vegetables and love to let their natural flavours shine.

Our veggie chips are as beautiful as they are delicious. Nature’s candy, the SKUUPU way.

Vegetable chips


SKUUPU makes well-balanced vegetable chips that satisfy and nourish your needs. SKUUPU products are healthy, organic, yet delicious - an addictive snack for everyone. How many of the existing veggie chips taste truly great or make you feel well? We believe that the answer is none. Some focus on the nutritional value but then the taste level drops. Others focus on the taste by adding excessive salt or fat resulting in poor nutritional value. Vegetable chips are tricky products. None keep the balance between taste and health. SKUUPU makes organic, healthy, natural vegetable chips that are low in fat and sodium (these two substances are the ones that make you feel unwell after eating a bag of crisps), and is made from regional and seasonal vegetables.

We prove that healthy snacks can be delicious and that delicious snacks can be healthy!

Vegetable chips!


SKUUPU offers three to four assortments throughout the year. Varieties of vegetables differ depending on regional and seasonal crops in the local organic farms. Our main ingredients are the vegetables themselves. Natural sea salt and top quality olive oil are added during the process. Hence, SKUUPU is lightweight and non-greasy. By not adding extra spices or flavors, you can truly enjoy the taste of nature.

There are so many good reasons to eat seasonal and regional vegetables. Fresh seasonal vegetables simply taste better, and the fresher they are the higher nutritional value. By using regional produce, we also support local and sustainable farmers, and are able to offer more environmentally friendly products to our customers.